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Next up for the EVP show & tell is from the Old Jail in St. Augustine, FL. When the tourists leave and the lights go off, you can join a member of the Paranormal Seekers, a local group who have permission to run sort-of guided investigations of the building. You get a very detailed history lesson on what spirits are said to hang around, what EVP they’ve caught, and other activity. And when you’ve been thoroughly spooked, they throw you some EMF detectors and let you loose in the building for a few hours.

This first one was in the area where they housed female prisoners. My girlfriend and I were looking for a spirit called the Blue Lady, so we sat down in her cell to see if she was available, but apparently she wasn’t. You’ll notice that from being inside the cell, our voices are low and full of bass. You can hear her ask, “is the blue lady in here?”

And without any bass, white noise or echo… “No”


Paranormal Seekers

The Old Jail

10 plays

Decided to share some of the more interesting EVP I’ve picked up along the way…

The first is from the Pirate House in Savannah, GA.

I was with two family members at the time and we strolled over to the house after leaving Abe’s on Lincoln, a great place for a tall boy Pabst Blue Ribbon I might add. Anyway, you’ll hear my two family members shouting at me and the feedback of the recorder being set down. Then a disembodied voice seems to be saying in a mocking fashion, “warned you”. It’s either young or female, I’m not sure, nor am I sure what it was warning me of in the first place.

The Formalities

So, in case you haven’t caught on, this is a Paranormal blog. Mostly for the benefit of myself and those who have had the pleasure of experiencing the Paranormal with me.

I’ve got myself an unhealthy obsession with all things that are not explained. I ghost hunt on the regular, so most of this evidence I have stored away is from that. But you know, I am in Skunk Ape territory, so maybe one day…

Speaking of, I reside in the Peach state, near the swamps. So far down the line, in fact, we’re past the Bible belt and next door to the Bible socks. And yet, if you know which road to take, you find yourself knee deep in ectoplasm, so it’s not all bad.

I like to use a variety of tools during investigations and I get to play with new ones all the time. Ghost boxes and Quija are all fair game to me…

I also believe in spontaneous human combustion.

Yeah, that should do it…